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Who is Ryan?

From the age of 10, Ryan has loved to create. His first film a re-imagining of MTV’s ‘Jackass’ entitled “The Young Embarrassments” got him off to a rocky start.

Since then, Ryan has matured slightly, gained a BA (Hons) in Film Production and Cinematography from Bournemouth University, and has built an impressive body of work.

Works of note include a web series pilot (“How to Survive University…”) shortlisted for Raindance’s Webfest competition, a commercial shortlisted for a Qantas Airline competition, and his short film – “Colin The Magnificent” which is currently showing in festivals around the world.

There are currently no plans to reboot “The Young Embarrassments”.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well


Ryan has edited nearly all projects he has been a part of. He has experience editing Commercials, Short Film, Documentaries, Webisodes, Music Videos and online content.

Ryan is also proficient in the use of Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite (Premier Pro, Photoshop etc.) Da Vinci Resolve, and many other programs.


One of Ryan’s biggest passions and favourite pastimes is writing. A lover of comedy and drama, and the marriage between the two, Ryan has written Short Films, Commercials, Music Videos, and is currently writing his first feature.


Translating a film from page to screen is a process that Ryan loves. Creating worlds and telling stories within them is what cinema is all about. Ryan, again, has directed short films, commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries and content for the internet.

  • Colin The Magnificent

    “Colin The Magnificent” Follows Colin, a down-on- his-luck magician at a failing holiday park in rural England. One faithful day, after yet another horrible show, Colin wakes up to find he has been endowed with real magical powers, and a shot at the big time. Everything is looking up for Colin, until he makes his assistant Lucy disappear, and can’t bring her back again.


  • Created as the final piece of work for Ryan’s Degree, “Colin The Magnificent” received a great reception, earning him a first class mark, and has since gone on to be featured in festivals around the world including:

    “12 Months Film Festival” – Winner, Editor of the Month

    “Direct Monthly Film Festival” – Winner, Short Of The Month

    “Screen It! Film Festival” – Official Selection, Open Category

    “Miami Independent Film Festival” – Official Selection, Short under 30 Minutes.


  • Qantas Commercial: Home

    Created and Shortlisted as part of a competition run by Qantas Airlines, this commercial, Written and Directed by Ryan, Follows a young man’s journey as he travels the world and falls in love.

    How To Survive University (Without Really Trying)

    Co-Created, Co Written, Directed and Edited by Ryan, This Web Pilot was created as part of a competition run by Raindance Webfest, for which it was shortlisted, and follows to student housemates as they have a series of unfortunate encounters with their incredibly strange neighbour, Thomas.

    Brut, The Man is Back

    This Commercial, Written and Edited by Ryan, parodies the growing effeminate nature of aftershave commercials, and offers a fun manlier alternative.

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